The case for the old school florist

There are two basic categories of competition and (potential) commoditization. One is competition for attention and interest, or, ideally, the harder to achieve and therefore more valuable fascination. The other is head to head competition for the sale; to have your … Continue reading

Sell your way to success, whatever your field

No matter what your job is, or what industry you’re in, you have to be able to sell. You sell your products, your ideas, and your experience every day. Here are some basic sales tips that will help you advance … Continue reading

Leaving Phone Numbers on Voicemail

Stephanie Calahan, a professional organizer, says it’s frustrating for people to have to listen three or four times to the same voicemail message just to get a phone number that someone rattled off in a hurry. “Get in the habit … Continue reading

How to Convert More Website Leads

In the B2C environment, most customers tend to do a bit of online research before actually placing an order, and the same is equally true, if not more so, with B2B customers. What this means is that even if your … Continue reading

How to get a response from a total stranger

The beauty of the Internet is that it is easy for anyone to contact complete strangers from all over the world and get questions answered by them, says Eszter Hargittai in Inside Higher Ed (www.insiderhighered .com, “A primer on electronic … Continue reading

How to build better workers

Effective job training is in a company’s best interest. Workers who feel engaged in their jobs are more likely to stay in their current positions, according to a recent Gallup poll. The poll’s findings report that it’s important to a … Continue reading

Do you ask the right question—and do so in the right way

You’ve got to grab their attention if you want people to listen. In her book Communication Counts (Wiley), media consultant Mary Civiello tells about a sales manager who wanted to introduce an incentive program. Salespeople could earn a bonus of … Continue reading

Why you shouldn’t depend on e-mail

Communication is more than words. Emotional intelligence expert Dan Goleman illustrated this in a New York Times column from 2007. He was negotiating via e-mail with a publisher whom he had met face to face only once. Goleman thought the … Continue reading

Using Free E-Books to Promote Your Business

Everyone loves a freebie, a fact that businesses have been using to their advantage since time immemorial. Companies give away everything from free samples of their products and services to a whole host of other corporate gifts to entice the … Continue reading

Three skills for better negotiation

Negotiating is a make-or-break skill, whether you’re a CEO in charge of a merger or a parent trying to sort out a sibling squabble. Follow these tips to negotiate agreements productively and without stress: • Keep an open mind. Brainstorm … Continue reading